Tree Climbing Championship

June 23

Venue Details
Lyndhurst Grounds

635 South Broadway, Tarrytown, NY 10591

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Watch as arborists compete to climb Lyndhurst’s towering trees and showcase the highest level of professional skills, safety, and innovation in tree climbing and care. 25 competitors will scale Lyndhurst’s trees as a part of the New York State Arborist’s tree climbing competition.

A professional arborist will be on site to answer your questions, provide consultation, and general education.

A $5 per person fee is charged for parking. Event runs from 9 am to 2 pm on Saturday, June 23rd.


The New York State Arborists, International Society of Arboriculture Chapter, Inc. is an association of professional arborists and educators that promotes public interest, fosters research and education in the care and benefits of trees, shrubs and their environment.

Membership affords an opportunity to associate and exchange valuable information with other arborists and professionals who are interested in the care, maintenance and conservation of woody ornamentals.