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Every Day, July 15th - August 1st, 2024

No visitation at this time.

As a private non-profit organization, Lyndhurst reserves the right to close its property to visitors to accommodate large restoration projects, private rentals and events, and film and television productions. We appreciate that the Lyndhurst estate is a destination for many to enjoy the architecture and nature. Occasional necessary closures ensure the safety of the estate and the privacy, and exclusivity for those who have asked us to close.
We announce these closures on our social media channels and recognize that visitors can still access the grounds via the walking trails that intersect the property. Usually, these trails are un-impacted by our closures, however, if signage indicates closure please stay on designated pathways and not deviate onto the Lyndhurst property. We appreciate your respect for our closures when they occur.

Grounds passes will not be available during these times.


Full Closures:

  • We will be closed from July 15th – through August 1st, 2024. (Sunset Jazz concerts will not be impacted. Only 7/25 will be cancelled).
  • We are closed on these major holidays: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

Partial Closures:

  • We will close the property at 3 pm on:
    • July 13th
    • August 10th
    • September 3rd
    • September 6th
    • September 7th
    • September 14th
    • September 20th
    • September 21st
    • September 22nd
    • September 28th
    • October 12th
  • We will Close the property at 1:30pm on:
    • October 13th

Plan Your Visit

Please check out our events menu to see what is available when Lyndhurst is open.

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