April 2017

Free Tours for Tarrytown Residents

April 14, 2017 - September 22, 2017

THURSDAY AND FRIDAY CLASSIC TOURS ARE FREE FOR TARRYTOWN RESIDENTS WITH PROOF OF RESIDENCE. Lyndhurst mansion offers free classic mansion tour admission to Tarrytown residents from April through September on Thursdays and Fridays. For individual admission, Tarrytown residents may show a valid ID at the Lyndhurst Welcome Center. Local Tarrytown community groups and organizations are also welcome to schedule group tours during the season. Tours are every hour from 10 am to 4 pm Show valid ID or proof of Tarrytown residence ...

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May 2017

Gardening Workshops

May 21, 2017 - September 24, 2017

Nick Storrs will offer five hands-on horticultural workshops for adults focused cultivating heirloom vegetable and garden varieties that were common during the Lyndhurst time period – 1830-1950. Workshops will run monthly, May – September.  Each workshop runs from 2 pm – 5 pm and will focus on a set of seasonal gardening skills, planning and propagating seeds, to trellising and pruning techniques, to extending the growing season and putting a garden “to bed” for the winter. The overarching goal is to build confidence ...

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June 2017


Defying Labels: New Roles, New Clothes

June 15 - September 24

The stunning collection of gowns, dresses, sportswear, and accessories includes more than 30 ensembles – from flouncy and feminine to sleek and modern. Hallmark luxury brand names like Tiffany, Faberge, Cartier, Worth and Louis Vuitton, among others, are included. This second staging of the exhibit offers new elements for return visitors and a final chance for visitors who missed the original run.

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August 2017


Classic Lyndhurst Mansion Tours

August 3 - September 29

Thursday –  Monday Tours on the hour from 10:00 am, the last tour at 4:00 pm Perfect for first-time visitors, the mansion tour lasts approximately one hour. On the mansion tour, you will see the majestic vestibule and entrance hall, reception room, parlor, library, cabinet room, Jay Gould’s private office, and the sumptuous Victorian dining room. The second-floor centers around the Grand Picture Gallery hung with its original and varied collection of European paintings. Impressive Tiffany and La Farge stained glass ...

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Backstairs Tours

July 1 - September 24

If you’ve taken the Classic Mansion Tour, chances are, you’ll be wanting more. This tour looks exclusively at ‘behind-the-scenes’ areas of the mansion. Come discover how during the Gilded Age and beyond, the staffs at Lyndhurst functioned to provide an efficient and seamless lifestyle for the Merritt and Gould Families!

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Bowling Pavilion Tours

August 5 - September 24

Nestled within Lyndhurst’s water-front terrain, the 1894 Bowling and Recreation Pavilion is a hidden jewel. This tour embarks along the lush lower landscape and explores the various fixtures along the waterfront, including Jay Gould’s yacht bridge, and our ongoing lower landscape restoration. Visitors will then delve into the stunning Bowling and Recreation Pavilion and its fascinating history. The Pavilion is one of the first of its kind in the United States and features two wooden bowling lanes, a tea parlor, and ...

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September 2017


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Landscape Ramble

September 3 - 24

To celebrate the Hudson River Ramble, we will be offering a tour of the historic grounds at Lyndhurst, a Gothic Revival masterpiece overlooking the Hudson River. The site reflects nearly 175 years of life on the Hudson River contained in 67 park-like acres that include 16 structures, such as a Lord & Burnham steel-framed greenhouse complex and the oldest regulation bowling alley in the United States. Lyndhurst’s magnificent grounds contain an award-winning rose garden, a fern garden, rock garden, specimen ...

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Classic Tours with a Halloween Twist

September 30 - October 31

On the mansion tour with a Halloween twist, you will see the majestic vestibule and entrance hall, reception room, parlor, library, cabinet room, Jay Gould’s private office, and the sumptuous Victorian dining room – all decorated with seasonal trimmings for Halloween. The second-floor centers around the Grand Picture Gallery hung with its original and varied collection of European paintings. The second floor of the mansion is not decorated and visitors can see Lyndhurst’s main rooms in all their traditional splendor.

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October 2017


Jay Ghoul’s House of Curiosities

October 19 - 31

Experience our all new edition of Jay Ghoul’s House of Curiosities! There’s been a murder, and the Gothic mansion is filled with madcap suspects who each hold a clue to the crime. Move through the first floor and basement of the mansion where each character will reveal part of this chilling mystery. Help to solve the case before the menace gets away!

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November 2017


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Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

November 15 - December 8

It’s Christmas at 221B Baker Street, and you’re following Sherlock Holmes (Tal Aviezer) and Dr. Watson (Michael Muldoon) on a trip through Victorian London (played by the inimitable Lyndhurst Mansion), on the trail of a classic mystery. Together with the famous detectives, we’ll explore the mansion room-by-room as we’re drawn deeper into the secrets of the Blue Carbuncle.

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